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Essential Evidence Plus is a comprehensive, evidence-based reference designed mainly for primary care clinicians, hospitalists, and emergency and urgent care physicians. It’s also a terrific learning resource for those still in training. The core of EE+ is overviews of over 800 diseases and symptoms (EE+ Topics) that provide clear, evidence-based guidance for the clinician at the point of care. All key recommendations are evidence-graded and each section of an EE+ Topic includes bottom-line recommendations for the busy clinician. Topics are also tightly linked to over 5000 POEMs research summaries, over 8000 summaries from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, over 5000 diagnostic test calculators, and over 600 custom clinical decision support tools.

Essential Evidence Topics are your point of entry into Essential Evidence Plus. We have over 800 topics, each addressing a different condition, symptom, or disease. Each Topic begins with the key “Bottom-Line” recommendations so you can quickly learn the most important information to support your decision-making. You can jump quickly to background information, screening and prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, managing special populations, and guidelines to better target answers to clinical questions at the point-of-care. Moreover, each Essential Evidence Topic is tightly integrated with evidence-based content such as decision support tools, diagnostic calculators, Cochrane Abstracts, POEMs, evidence-based guidelines, and more. You can feel confident in the recommendations because all content contains a "strength of evidence" rating.

You can search EE+ from any page in our site. Results are organized by relevance and by the type of content, with EE+ Topics prioritized at the top of the search. Just click on a tab to see the results for that type of content, such as “Decision Support Tools”. You can also choose to organize results from newest to oldest, which is especially useful if you want to find the latest POEMs or Cochrane reviews for a condition.


Want to explore what’s in EE+? We encourage you to browse the different sections of content including over 800 topics, over 5000 POEMs research summaries, thousands of diagnostic test calculators, and hundreds of clinical decision support tools. Plus, over 8000 summaries of Cochrane reviews are included to inform your practice with the best evidence.

Essential Evidence Plus offers over 500 custom interactive decision support tools for you to use at the point of care. Tools like the Strep Score, MOCA evaluation for dementia, CRB-65 for pneumonia prognosis and the Ottawa Ankle Rules. These decision support tools are designed to help estimate the likelihood of a disease, the probability of benefitting from treatment, a patient’s prognosis, or their risk of developing cancer or heart disease. Below is the CRB-65 risk score for the prognosis of pneumonia in outpatients.


Our diagnostic test calculators are designed to support clinical decision making by helping you make the best use of the history and physical exam, and helping you choose the best diagnostic test for your patient. There are over 2500 focused on signs and symptoms for the diagnosis of common conditions, and an additional 2500 that report the accuracy of diagnostic tests including blood tests, imaging, and cardiovascular studies. They are embedded in interactive calculators that recalculate the post-test probability as you vary the baseline prevalence or likelihood of disease.


POEMs (“Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters”) Research Summaries are brief, structured summaries of the latest studies with the potential to change your practice. POEMs Research Summaries are based on a monthly review of over 100 journals and are written by our editors, free of industry influence or support. Using Essential Evidence Plus, you will have complete access to the full library of over 5000 POEMs.


Cochrane Systematic Reviews are considered the gold standard for evidence-based medicine. Essential Evidence Plus includes the latest and most up-to-date summaries of systematic reviews from the Cochrane Library, which are the most rigorous and reliable evaluations of medical therapies available. Clinicians will find over 8000 Cochrane Systematic Reviews tightly integrated with the EE+ Topics and other content.

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The Derm Expert Image Viewer is designed to help clinicians diagnose dermatological conditions utilizing a series of simple steps. The tool features nearly 1,000 images, along with clear guidelines, to help clinicians quickly and easily identify the right diagnosis for a skin condition.


We’ve created our own enhanced PubMed search that is accessible from the “Evidence” section of each EE+ Topic. It adds a range of filters and quickly returns the best available evidence on a disease or condition. It searches for practice guidelines and systematic reviews, as well as a range of diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis categories.

We work hard to make sure that Essential Evidence Plus brings you the latest evidence for your practice. We have developed an innovative, continuous updating process that involves multiple levels of review:
  1. Every 4 months, an automated search identifies any new POEMs research summaries and Cochrane reviews relevant to a Topic. Those are emailed to that Topic’s Associate Editor who adds the new information to the Topic.
  2. Every year (for common, important conditions) to two years (for less common conditions) we perform an extensive update. The evidence summary includes an enhanced PubMed search, a review of practice guidelines, new diagnostic test calculators, and any new decision support tools. This update is done by the original author or the updating author, followed by careful editorial review by the Associate Editor and the Editor-in-Chief of every topic.
  3. Every year we add about 20 new clinical decision support tools, as well as dozens of new or updated diagnostic test calculators.

We have several ways to get involved with Essential Evidence Plus. While we already have over 800 topics, we have a number that we hope to add in the coming year. We also need to find “updating authors” for topics where the original author has left our project. Updating authors are responsible for updating one or more topics of their choosing on an annual or biennial basis, depending on the topic. This involves reviewing an evidence summary that we provide and updating the topic to assure that it provides the best available evidence for our subscribers. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Wiley’s Senior Editor Karen Pettersen ([email protected]). Finally, if you are interested in becoming an editor of Essential Evidence Plus, please forward your resume to the editor-in-chief, Dr. Mark H. Ebell ([email protected]).

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This 30-minute podcast features EE+ editor-in-chief Mark Ebell MD, MS, Rush University Associate Professor Kate Rowland MD, InfoPOEMs co-founder Henry Barry MD, MS, and Michigan State University Professor of Internal Medicine Gary Ferenchick MD. Each fast-paced episode features a discussion of at least 3 to 4 POEMs, a quiz, and whatever is on Henry’s mind. Best of all it is free to you and free of advertising. Sign up at Apple Podcasts here or wherever you get your podcasts. Plus, you can get 0.5 CME credits just for listening at the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians’ Online CME Education Web page.

For over 10 years, editor-in-chief Dr. Mark Ebell and editor emeritus Dr. Michael Wilkes of UC Davis and NPR have been bringing you a selected POEM research summary every week. Each episode is only 5 to 10 minutes long and features a brief introduction of the topic by Dr. Wilkes followed by a discussion of the study by both experts. Sign up at Apple Podcasts here or wherever you get your podcasts. This podcast is free to you and free of advertising.
POEM of the week Podcast

Several Essential Evidence Plus editors have created a series of highly interactive, evidence-based CME courses. Delivered around the country, they are built around the latest POEMs research summaries, evidence-based guidelines, and Cochrane reviews. Each fast-paced discussion is 30 minutes and covers 12 to 15 new studies or guidelines. To learn more and for a schedule of upcoming courses please visit our Essential Evidence Update CME Course Web site.

POEMs (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) are concise, structured updates of research that is highly relevant because it has the potential to change your practice. POEMs are written monthly by a team of 6 editors, reviewed by experts at the University of Missouri Department. of Family Medicine, and are sent to you within weeks of their original publication. And you can be confident that you are getting the best information, because our entire process is free of industry support or influence.

A new POEM is delivered daily via email. You can also get them in weekly or monthly batches. To sign up for this free service for our subscribers, and to select your frequency, click here .