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Essential Evidence Plus searches 7 different databases. Select one of the databases listed below for a description of the database and its purpose, as well as an example of how it can be used in the clinical decision process.

These additional resources are also available:

Daily POEMs

Daily POEMs ("Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters"™) are synopses of new evidence carefully filtered for relevance to patient care and evaluated for validity. POEMs emerge from continuous review, grading, and critical appraisal of all 1200+ studies published monthly in more than 100 journals. There are currently 6,500+ Daily POEMs in the collection.

Purpose: To offer the latest research findings and help users understand how to apply the research results to their clinical practice

Example: Within three weeks of publication, important study results are incorporated into an InfoPOEM. Instead of reading all the journals we summarize, readers can rely on the POEM evaluation system to find relevant and valid information and present it in an easy to understand format.

Detailed Description: After selecting a title, the InfoPOEM outlines the question the study addresses, the bottom line answer, a critical summary of the study methods and results, and a level of evidence ranking.