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Essential Evidence Plus searches 7 different databases. Select one of the databases listed below for a description of the database and its purpose, as well as an example of how it can be used in the clinical decision process.

These additional resources are also available:

Evidence-based Practice Guidelines

2,000+ evidence-based guidelines from various sources, including the National Guideline Clearinghouse, with links to the complete online guideline when available

Purpose: To aid in the total management of patients with specific conditions like congestive heart failure, otitis media, and others - they often include recommendations for screening, diagnostic approaches, therapeutic interventions, and for monitoring patients

Example of use: Practice guidelines answer the following questions: What medical care should be provided for most patients most of the time? What medical care is not effective and should not be used for most patients?

Detailed Description: Each guideline includes the source, the date of the latest update, and a summary of the major recommendations. Each guideline provides a rating of the strength of the recommendations and links to more detailed information, algorithms, and other pertinent online resources.