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Essential Evidence Plus searches 7 different databases. Select one of the databases listed below for a description of the database and its purpose, as well as an example of how it can be used in the clinical decision process.

These additional resources are also available:

EBM Guidelines

EBM Guidelines is a unique, concise and easy-to-use collection of clinical guidelines for primary care combined with the best available evidence. EBM Guidelines includes 1,000 concise primary care practice guidelines, 4,000+ high quality evidence summaries and a library of hundreds of photographs and images. Continuously updated, EBM Guidelines follows the latest developments in clinical medicine and brings evidence into practice.

Purpose: To offer the best evidence-based information about a clinical condition

Example: Clinicians who wish to review evidence-based information about a disease and its treatment often use EBM Guidelines

Detailed Description: Essential Evidence Plus is designed to join the best available evidence in a single database. EBM Guidelines summarize the best available evidence on many common clinical topics, providing information about classification, treatment, etc. EBM Guidelines also provides links to references supporting the evidence.