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Essential Evidence Plus searches 7 different databases. Select one of the databases listed below for a description of the database and its purpose, as well as an example of how it can be used in the clinical decision process.

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Understanding the diagnostic calculators

The following are descriptions of the terms used in the Diagnostic and H&P test calculators.

Pretest: Best estimate of percent with disease before any testing

Sensitivity: Percent with disease who have a positive test

Specificity: Percent without disease who have a negative test

LR: Likelihood ratio for each level of test. The higher it is, the better it rules in disease. The lower it is, the better it rules it out.

LR+: Positive likelihood ratio (how well a positive test rules-in disease)

LR-: Negative likelihood ratio (how well a negative test rules-out disease)

LR = 1: No change in disease likelihood

Prob: Probability of disease for patients with this test result