Essential Evidence Plus

All-Evidence, All-the-Time Answers

Essential Evidence Plus is a powerful new one-stop resource for the evidence you need to make critical patient care decisions. This new state-of-the-art e-reference will include not only the great content, calculators, and tools that you have come to rely on, but additionally, two completely new databases: e-Essential Evidence and Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines brought to you by the Finnish Medical Society.

Essential Evidence Plus is packed with great features, offering the most complete EBM resource available…

  • e-Essential Evidence with 800 brand new topics designed to provide evidence-based answers to your most important clinical questions.
    • Each topic is written in a concise, highly structured presentation that focuses on the needs of the clinician
    • Includes a “strength of evidence” rating for every recommendation - a feature you won’t find in any other point-of-care reference
    • Summary tables and a “Bottom-line” introducing each section ensure that you get your answers quickly
    • Algorithms to facilitate patient care decision-making
  • EBM Guidelines with 1,000 practice guidelines, 3,000+ Evidence-Graded Summaries and 950+ high quality photographs
  • Daily InfoPOEMs e-mail alerts to help you stay up to date with the latest and most relevant medical literature
  • 3,000+ Archived InfoPOEMs
  • 2,500+ Cochrane Abstracts
  • 1,300+ Guideline Summaries
  • 1,500+ Commonly used ICD-9 Codes
  • Weekly Podcasts
  • Derm Expert tool designed to help clinicians diagnose dermatological conditions
  • CME availability for qualified searches
  • Available via the internet or PDA device
  • Over 3,000 decision support calculators, diagnostic test calculators, and history and physical test calculators—tools you won’t find with any other comparable product!

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While there are many other content resources available, no other provides full access to the most complete, powerful and precise collection of medical evidence!