How to earn CME Credit

After finishing a qualified search, the user may complete the additional required steps to earn CME for that activity (0.5 credits per search). These steps are answering questions in order to document 1) the condition and clinical issue (e.g., best way to diagnose, best treatment, etiology, etc.) and 2) the result or application of the search (e.g., change in diagnosis or treatment, no change). Follow the prompts to view and answer the questions. A third step, asking the user to evaluate the effectiveness of the activity, is required when claiming credits (see below).

Users may complete these steps to earn CME immediately following the search activity, or anytime within the following seven (7) days. A series of prompts will indicate any saved searches within the past seven days that qualify for CME.

Earned credits will remain active for 180 days. If the user has not claimed the credits within that period, the credits will be removed from the user’s account.